Once Upon a Time

This project as part of course taken at CAFA, was redesign a childhood book who you find sentimentally attached to, using a copy machine only.

The book I designed was Once Upon a Time, the original book published in German in 1934, written and painted by Olaf Gulbransson, it was recalling the author’s childhood life. Although it is a childhood memory of a foreigner, it didn’t feel foreign to me, seems like there is no national boundaries when talking about feeling. Between the lines, you can senesce a warmth feeing of sorrow for a forgotten time that will never come back.

In the process of innovation arrangement, retained the handwritten text, and focus on performance, using the "scan and copy" form and pictures printed on two different kind of paper, one of them was a type of thin Japanese paper, so the faint picture and the front page story has a delicate relationship. The handwritten text back and front page of standard text has some relevance, breaking the previous reading route, constructs a fresh visual style.

Editorial Design
Year: 2013
Size: 110 × 176 mm
Photography: Jinghui Li

using allyou.net