Hong Yi

This project was designed during the time at CAFA. It was based on the practical research of calligraphy stone inscriptions. It contains three parts and is presented in the form of posters. The text is extracted from Handwritings of Master Hong Yi. Hong Yi also went by the name of Li Shutong. He was a talented art educator and an eminent monk. He developed the ancient Chinese calligraphy art to perfection.

Poster 1. Stroke
The first step was extracting the stroke characteristics from the works created by Hong Yi. 

Poster 2. Space and Art of Composition
Chinese calligraphy is like a kind of architecture, which regards the independent characters as units to construct an independent space. I re-arrayed the four characters through the traditional way (from top to bottom, from left to right) and proceeded from their structure, spacing and blanking and artistic conception to create an information-oriented architecture. 

Poster 3. Redesign
The characters in the post are made up of the strokes in the first poster. The content of the posters originated from the same Buddhist classic. It aims to tell people that life is unpredictable, there is not a universal master for all things; the realm to exempt from the cares of death and life is peace. Despite the unpredictability of life, people should cherish their present life instead of wasting their time.

Type Design
Year: 2012
Size: 594 × 841 mm

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