Based on armillary spheres, the object GE462615 was designed for Vacheron Constantin. As a group, we highlighted its function in order to map the constellations. Aesthetically, the object’s dark color and shape emit a sense of mystery.

Today, NASA’s Kepler Mission allows us to have access to the sounds of stars. These sounds are inaudible frequencies analyzed mathematically, which then scaled into frequencies in order to let the human ear to hear. For an in-depth research process, we have worked with a French astrophysicist Sylvie Vauclair who has been studying the sounds of starts for 15 years.

This project was made in collaboration with Jenna Kaes and Renaud Meunier. 

Service: Installation
Year: 2017
Client: Vacheron Constantin
Photography: Cedric Widmer & Younes Klouche
Size: 440 × 440 × 104 mm